Free classic template : feel the freedom

Still on classic template blogger, this blog template so cute. has digg, delicious, anda technorati fav on this template. if you wanna to use this blog template, please download the notepad file. after that, copy and paste on your template, and done

Free classic template : decayed

this is my first dark templatelol, this template is a request from a friend, black and sreamytwisted i think, so enjoy this template

Free classic template : Ice cream

Hai... look like girly.. don't u?? yeah, this is my last template, i make this about 3 hours, i tired so much. this template i adobt from wordpress again. this is classic template. best view on 1024x768, and use mozilla to look this template better. if u wanna use my template, download this template, copy-paste the code, and done.